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Mission -not- accomplished...

...but -somewhat- accomplished! ^_^;; So. Taisa's military outfit isn't quite finished. We got the base of the jacket done and most of the pants done. Now it just comes down to finishing some things, detailing, and the butt-cape! Edo and I are going to have to get together again some weekend before the con to finish up the cosplay. Damn...this is going to take longer than I thought. ^_^;;

All in all it was a fun weekend! Friday was great shopping around, seeing peeps from Carroll, and going out to eat. I pulled a 'Gackt' on Jack before we left the restaurant. ::cackles and falls to the floor::

::gets up and wipes away tears:: Wow...and the stuff for the cosplay cost me close to $100! o_O;; And I'm still not done getting everything. >_>;; Shhhhh! - don't tell Shesa, but I'm taking it out of the military funds. Fufufufufu.

Hmmm, what else... Not much really. Spent most of the weekend working on cosplay and chillin. It was nice. Now tomorrow it's back to work at the 'office'!!

Later everyone! ::waves::
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