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Talkin' bout Cosplay Costumes

You know that shirt I got for my cosplay costume? well, I'm not using it anymore. I'm going to use the real authentic postal shirt instead!

How, do you ask? After the little trip we had I went online looking for images for a postal uniform i could copy the insignia from but then all these postal uniform surplus stores popped up. I then thought to myself, why try to make a fake copy when i can have the real thing? The shirt was on sale for 10 bucks and they were selling some rubber fingerless gloves for 3 bucks. I was going to get the pants as well but they were like 26 bucks so i said "Fuck that shit i'm wearing jeans!" I had a little trouble which checking out because the site wanted a "Station Location" and "Station Address". I popped in "Mitchell Airport" and typed in the address and it luckily went through. I had it shipped to the "home" address rather than the "station" address...

>> Squints Laughs Evilly<< "oh ho ho ho ho"

But thats not the best thing about it, the best thing was the shipping and handling was free! How funny is that shit?

>> More Evil laughter is heard<< "Oh ho ho ho ho"

Also, here goes the current specs for my cosplay costume (the ones marked with an (X) is what i have):

(x) Postal shirt
(x) Postal gloves
( ) Postal hat (maybe)
( ) sunglasses, cool ones
( ) Postal Pants (maybe)
( ) FSX Iron on letters
(x) Pirate Swash-buckling Cutlass
( ) lighter (for "Roy Boy")
( ) belt that will hold the cool cutlass
(x) Postal "bag"

I might of forgotten one or two things. Edo, Jack, tell me if you want some special effects things, so far i'm just your "awesome wind", I've got nothing for you Jack.. If any of you guys want background music.. good luck, i can't sing very well but i could try..

For those who haven't guessed I'm going as a Special Effects Postal Pirate. If anyone asks at Acen which anime i'm from I'll answer with "You know I was that one Pirate from "One Piece".
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