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I Spoke too soon..

Yeah so the postal thing came crashing down on me. I'm gonna have ta make one now cause they sent me a "Verification" E-Mail. I freaked cause they were requesting my Supervisor's name and phone number.

Eh.. I still have my blue shirt, i'll just put strips on it and slap on the insignia. I Illustrated the icon, tell me if it's good cause if you guys can't tell no one at the con will be able to either. I think I'm going to cut the sleeves up like pirate sleeves and tear up the bottom of the shirt as well.

Btw.. it looks crappy here cause i had to transfer it from illustrator to photoshop, then jpg it.

Damn.. and i was so close with getting away with it! I guess i laughed too evilly too soon...

>>Goes back to her little corner to lick her wounds<< "
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