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RPG Forum

So. Edo and I were chatting and decided we wanted to make a RPG forum for our crazy crackiness. XD;; This time however we are our actual characters from the show. So if you join you'd be the actual character you're based from. Rachel, you'd be Lust...Stacy, you'd be Schezka, and Judy...well, we'd have to find a character for you! XD;;

This again is for fun and craziness. We wanted to actually role play characters instead of just making random posts. We'll also have news and other stuff once we get it all figured out. So come join and role play!! ...onegai?

See ya there! ^__^


EDIT: Oh, and you guys don't have to worry about the application thingy. You are already in the "circle of trust". XD;; Just sign up! ^__^
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