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Dancing Alchemists - chap 1 Disco Maniac

Title: Dancing Alchemists - chapter 1 Disco Maniac
Characters: Roy and Ed

"Why the hell are we here again?" asked Ed as the colorful lights blinded him yet again.

"Because you suggested it Fullmetal and I think we needed a change, just try and enjoy this place if you don't like it we can leave." Even though they had only just arrived Roy was clearly enjoying himself.

"Fine fine we'll stay but only for a few minutes."

Ed took the opportunity to look around the place. He really had no idea that places like this actually existed in Central and it really was the catchy name, The Lunar Escape, he'd seen on a flier that made him suggest even coming here. That and the Colonel's constant nagging that change in your routine once in awhile was a good thing, Ed figured he could accomplish two things: getting his mind off of his search for awhile and shutting that smug bastard up. Granted it was the shutting up a certain smug bastard, even if it was only for a little while, that made him happy and he figured why not enjoy himself for a little while at the same time.

The Lunar Escape really lived up to it's name, there was moon shaped everything all around. Hell even the bar was in the shape of a crescent moon. It definitely wasn't your average dance club. Too bad that the never ending twirl of neon lights blinded him at every place he looked, which really wasn't helping his mood. Nor was the fact that when he looked all around the place everyone was taller than him which wasn't really all that new, but even the damn waitresses were taller than him this time.

Blinded once again by those damn lights Ed was about to suggest leaving when he heard the next song come on. It was older than dirt and that was being polite. Disco?!? What they hell were they doing playing disco at a place like this? And what idiot in their right mind would actually dance to it?

Shit where the hell is that smug bastard anyway? Ed thought. Just then Ed heard shouts coming from the direction of the, surprise, moon shaped dance floor. He walked in that direction and got the answer to his earlier questions and a huge shock.

There was Roy out on the dance floor dancing to the disco music like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. And to Ed's even greater surprise everyone had cleared the dance floor just for Roy and were cheering him on. "That fucking moron," thought Ed, "of all the idiotic embarrassing things to do!" And then to Ed's horror Roy spotted him in the crowd.

"Fullmetal! Look they're playing my song!"

Ed continued to pretend that he didn't know the crazy asshole out on the dance floor, along with his shock that had never worn off increasing by the minute. Ed couldn't believe it there was no mask, no stuck up Colonel, just plain Roy. Well plain Roy being the world's biggest moron and making a fool of himself but still this was a side of Roy that he'd never seen. And to Ed's even greater surprise he was was actually enjoying himself.

Or he was until he heard the twang in the music and then all too late recognized what was coming next. As he saw Roy raise his hand and ready his fingers he shouted, "Noooooooooo!!!!!!"


Ed and Roy stood outside of the charred remains of what was at one point a very nice dance club called The Lunar Escape, watching the fire marshals poke around the scene.

"You fucking moron I can't believe YOU of all people did that!!! I mean who the hell wear's their fucking gloves when dancing?"

"I'll have you know-"

"And another thing who in their fucking right mind actually dances to that shitty ass music when they're fucking sober?!?"


"Total and complete fucking idiots that's who..........."

Ed's rampage went on for quite awhile and didn't let up. Roy could hardly get a word in edgewise to defend himself, in the end he just decided to sit back and watch the rageing Fullmetal drone on and on. The kid was young and small right? So must his lungs be, he'd run out of air eventually.

Roy never got a chance as Hawkeye arrived on the scene a short time later. She just glared at him, "Which part of never go to those types of clubs did you not understand? You can fill out the apology letters this time Colonel along with all of the rest of your paper work that's still not finished."

Feeling pretty smug Ed started to creep out of the office only to have Hawkeye's glare transferred to him. "And just where do you think you're going Edward? You're going to help him with these letters seeming as how it was YOUR idea to bring him there!"

Ed thought about objecting but the position of Hawkeye's hand on her gun made him think otherwise and instead he sat down and picked up a pen, grumbling to himself as he did.

Meanwhile Roy hummed a certain song and said, "That was fun Fullmetal, we should do it again sometime."

Ed looked around the desk for objects to throw.

There ya have it. crappy yes, yes i know. but i totally blame taisa here!!!!! happy now taisa?
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