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No sewing required ^____^

Alright so today was the mad hit the Goodwill, Bibles for Mexico, and Salvation Army stores in Holland for my never ending search of stuff for my cosplay. and i struck out at the first two places but had plenty of luck at the Salvation Army store. so here's what i have so far:

2 white long sleeve shirts (X)
black slacks (X)
boots (X)
Suspenders ( )
Red stones (X)
Vine whip (X)
hair gel & spray ( )
Lemon pin (X)
Lying pin (X)

Can anyone think of anything i'm missin here? the suspenders i'm gonna try to get from my best friends dad cause he's a clown thus he has lots of em. he might even have some nice rainbow ones ^___^ ::rereads:: wait a sec ::sighs:: damnit Taisa see what you've done ::glares:: snanyway and the hair gel, etc. to keep my hair over my eye on the left side i figure i can scrounge for around the house cause we seem to have lots even though no one uses it, weird. oh and question for everybody: can i wear like one of my sweater jackets? cause i'm probably gonna freeze knowing me. shut up i don't even wanna hear it. so think that would be good? let's see i have these colors: green, blue and black that could work. what do ya guys think?
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