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your military needs you!

hey there everyone ^___^ wowzers tis been awhile since anyone's used the comm! poor comm ::pets:: oh wells i shall make use of it OHOHOHO ::cough:: ahem

so there is an actual reason behind my rambling in that yesh i do eventually plan to finish "Dancing Alchemists" for you guys. actually in my defense the chaps are alls pretty much half finished i just have to figure out how to link em alls together. but in recent inspiration in part due to those damn bunnies Taisa sent after me and in part to my crazyness i have decided to do another stroy as well. remember how i said i had this whole theory about Roy's past, etc. well it's eating at my brain and demanding to be written on paper. and then i got an even greater idea of linking it with "Dancing Alchemists" and the other fic i wrote as well. here's my problem though i don't really know anythng about like the ranking in the military so i was wonderin if you peoples would know anything. what i really want is a listing of the different ranks that are in the military. so yeah help please!!!!
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