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Transfer Update

So! Being transfered to South hasn't been too bad. The new office is turning out to be a good place and my staff are cool people to hang around. Good times folding shirts I tell you. XD;; But damn my feet hurt. ~_~ A huge ass group of punk kids came in tonight and messed up the t-shirt section like crazy. Oooh, was I pissed. And then some lady came in 5 minutes before we closed and destroyed the sweatshirt section. I will not be held responsible if I kill someone. Heh. Heh. Heh.

But anywho... thanks Jack for coming in to visit tonight! ^__^ It was a nice half an hour off the clock. And dude, I was so working and talking. ^_~

But yeah, I miss the rest of you!!! *hugs* Edo, come down here sooooooner! :P And Mews, get your ass back on LiveJournal!!! That's an order!

That's all I really have to say; just wanted to post a little update. Ja ne!
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