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Home of the 'Otaku no Renkinjutsushi'

Fullmetal!Crack: The 'Otaku no Renkinjutsushi'
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Our Story:

The proud Colonel stood over her army, a fleet of pretty boys …all making out… and adoring her for all her glory. Sakura petals fluttered about and around the leader of this yaoi military.

“Soon ALL men will be gay and worship the ground I walk on!” Taisa announced as more of the bishie men bowed before her. She cackled victoriously, but suddenly received a hard blow to her head.

“Itei!!” Waking from her dream, Colonel Voys Love lifted her head off her desk to find the rather short-tempered, and short-statured Edo looming over her.

“Dreaming again?” She grinned watching a line of drool drip down Taisa’s mouth.

Quickly whipping her mouth she smirked, “Someday soon, it won’t just be a dream!”

Edo leaned onto the desk, “You bet’cha!”

The two cackled only to be brought out of their happy thoughts by a loud explosion on the wall next to them. Smoke rose from the new hole in the wall as both girls turned to find Lt. Shesa propping her bazooka over her shoulder.

“Did you finish your report yet, Sir?”

“Umm,” Taisa glanced down at her now drool-stained papers, “Just about!” She beamed a fake smile then glared at Edo who now laughed straight out at her.

Just then Jack stepped into the office. “Looking awfully small today Edo.” She grinned. Edo shouting obscenities was held back by the Colonel. “Oh, and Taisa, I kinda misplaced that doujinshi you lent me,” Jack continued. Taisa saw red and prepared to snap.

“WAIT!!” cried Judy as she ran behind Taisa, fumbling for her lighter.

Shesa turned around to leave, “You all are on crack, you know that?”


Who's Who:

shuki_ai: Colonel Voys Love (aka: Taisa), the 'Yaoi no Renkinjutsushi'. When she snaps her fingers shoujo sparkles and sakura petals appear! - but beware you might see her flames as well. She aspires to be Queen so that she can fire all the ugly men and recruit more pretty boys into her Army.

piyocola: Edo, the 'Otaku no Renkinjutsushi'! She has the ability to make anything anime related out of...well...anything. And don't call her cute or she'll kill ya!! (Oh, and she's chibi! ::snickers::)

sirenia9: Jack Russell Twitchier, the 'Liar'! Haha. She claims to be the "real Otaku no Renkinjutsushi", but yah, she lies. Oh, and she cheats by using the red stone. ^__^

chibimizutenshi: Lt. Shesa Marinebrat. She's a little gun happy and likes to keep Taisa in line. She's in love with 'Baby'...her bazooka. >_>;;

squints63: The 'Special Effects Postal Pirate'.

dakara_suki: "Game Spy"...as we call her now. ^_^;; She has the ability to memorize game moves, DDR songs/moves, and game cheats and codes just by seeing/reading them once! She's got one cool photographic memory! Taisa just might have her memorize all her doujinshi and fanfics...just incase, say, something would happen to them. ^___^

kytyngurl2: One of the 7 Mildly Discomforting Sins...she is Mary Sue! We have yet to think of her 'power', but it'll come to us. XD;;